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How To Prepare For A Termination – What To Do When It Appears That Your Job Is In Jeopardy And You May Be Terminated

Gears interlocking

By Michael VanBruaene, Guest Blogger

When you see and sense that you may be terminated in the near future, there are actions you can take to prepare for the termination and position yourself to successfully move forward.  It’s important that you have a mind-set that positions you to be effective in these challenging circumstances.  And if you stay you will be [...]

Why You Must Increase Your “Live Performances” with Clients

Andrew Sobel

By Andrew Sobel, Big4 Guest Blogger

Data and information are, by themselves, commodities. What matters is insight. And that’s why the live performance still reigns supreme.

I recently asked a lawyer to draft a contract document for me. In truth, I was tempted to cut corners, and find something on the Internet that I could adapt. Or, to ask a recent law [...]

The Secret to Turning Every Prospect into a Paying Client

Andrew Sobel

By Andrew Sobel, Big4 Guest Blogger

One of my clients wanted to do business with a major prospect. It was an important company which would be seen as a valuable, marquis client. The company told my client point-blank, “We’re not going to do business with you. We are already well-served.” For one year they kept calling on this prospective account. They [...]

Top Ten Articles And Tools For Advancing And Improving Your Organization

Target Man

By Michael VanBruaene, Guest Blogger

Below are the ten articles and tools on my website that have been viewed the most in the past 12 months. Take a look.  They may be useful for your work.

1. Useful Performance Measures & Metrics – How To Measure Efficiency & Effectiveness.

2. [...]

Does Money Make You Collaborate?

Andrew Sobel

By Andrew Sobel, Big4 Guest Blogger

I once had a client whose leadership constantly talked about teamwork. They wanted professionals from disparate areas of the organization to work together in unison in the service of their customer base. They even installed monetary incentives for better “Teaming.” But, the same leadership group got along very poorly. They were rarely seen together. In [...]

Seven Ways to Connect With Someone Older Than You

Andrew Sobel

By Andrew Sobel, Big4 Guest Blogger

It’s not uncommon to find yourself working with a client who is quite a bit older than you. You might be a 35 year-old woman, for example, who needs to build a relationship with a 60 year-old chief financial officer who is male. It may seem, on the surface at least, that you have very [...]

From Impossible to Loyal: Seven Types of Difficult Clients and How to Win Them Over

Andrew Sobel

By Andrew Sobel, Big4 Guest Blogger

Early in my consulting career I had a client who slowly became downright abusive. When we first met he was relaxed, confident, professional, and even charming. But underneath that veneer he was a mean-spirited tyrant. As time passed, he became every-more demanding and even vicious. One day, I walked into his office with a three-page [...]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Client Advisors

Andrew Sobel

By Andrew Sobel, Big 4 Guest Blogger

Executives tell me it’s not easy to find an advisor with the right balance of experience, expertise, relationship skills, and client orientation. That’s not surprising. It’s a difficult role to pull off well. There are also lots of bad habits that professionals fall into when it comes to serving clients.

Here are seven types [...]

How To Develop An Effective Organization Structure

Silouhette friends (2)

By Michael VanBruaene, Guest Blogger  

Organization structure, which is the arranging of work activities, is a means to achieving organization objectives.  There is no inherently right or wrong structure, and it’s not a question of flat versus hierarchical.  The focus should be on what works best and results in effective and efficient work processes and the quality [...]

How the smart professionals use valuable content to attract clients

Heather Townsend


Heather Townsend, author of The Go-To Expert and How to make partner and still have a life, explores how savvy professionals use valuable content to make their networking and relationship building more effective.

In the third of our newly published ‘The Go-To-Expert‘ inspired blog posts (get your free chapter of the book here) we look at how you can use [...]

How To Manage Your Organization’s Growth

Arrow going into bullseye

By Michael VanBruaene, Guest Blogger

Growth, particularly when it’s steep and occurs quickly, can substantially strain your organization; and negatively impact customers, finances, business processes and employee effectiveness and morale.  And you may find yourself continually compelled to resolve too many daily problems resulting from the growth.  To effectively manage your growth focus on the following organizational areas:

Why You Started [...]

How To Get The Most From Your Executive Team

By Michael VanBruaene, Guest Blogger

Your executive team is a critical element of your organization. You want each member, and the group, to perform at the highest level to sustain and improve your organization; and the functions and operations for which they are responsible.  Your and the executive team’s actions will affect how employees and work groups throughout the organization [...]

Financial Consolidation Software – Corporate Performance Management – Evaluation

By Tim Reed, Guest Blogger    

Financial Consolidation Software – Corporate Performance Management – Evaluation

The winds of technical change and opportunity are in full force today… just look at what is going on in the area of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and the new suites of tools and capabilities.  The legacy toolsets used for financial consolidation and financial reporting [...]

Special Big4 Offer to Attend Bank and Capital Markets Tax Institute (BTI) 2013


For 48 years, the annual Bank and Capital Markets Tax Institute (BTI)  has brought the leading regulatory, government, and compliance experts from the banking industry to discuss the regulatory updates and this year will be no different.

Conference participants get essential updates on key industry topics, including general banking, IRS Developments, Capital Markets, and Loan Workouts.

Further, BTI continues to offer [...]

How To Integrate Continuous Improvement Into Your Organization’s Culture And Daily Activities

By Michael VanBruaene, Guest Blogger

A continuous organization improvement program can be easily implemented and very beneficial using minimal organization resources; and become inherent in your culture and day-to-day activities throughout you organization.

Use These Guidelines To Foster A Continuous Improvement Focus.

Top Management Must Lead
Integrate Improvements Into Performance Reporting
Staff Meeting Agendas That Include Improvement Status
Rigorous Analysis of Improvement Ideas
Position Descriptions Include Improvement Contribution [...]