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4 important things I learnt recently when helping clients with their business cases for partnership

Messy office table with notepad, computer, reading glasses and coffee cup. View from above with copy space

In the last year we’ve helped seven of our clients make partner. In the process I have reviewed many successful business cases. Many of the business cases I have helped write or craft have been for directors from Big 4 firms – both within the UK, but from all the major continents of the world. 

This article summarises what I learnt […]

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4 great tips to safely get an older partner to talk about their succession

In our regular webinar ‘How to become a member of the club’, John Moss and I were asked a great and very pertinent question about how to get an older partner to talk about their succession. Here is how John and I answered.

The question

‘So I’m looking at taking the older partner out to breakfast to get him in my corner.  Any […]

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Which type of partnership business case do you need?

Business person on a graph, representing success and growth

No two business cases for partnership are the same. Not even within the same firm. At least, not the successful ones!  A partnership business case needs to focus on the needs of the situation in which the partner vacancy arises. Canny professionals will rewrite their business cases to suit.  In this article, I introduce the types of business case and […]

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8 brilliant ways to increase your profile

Business concepts: standing out from the crowd

In this article, Heather Townsend, co-author of ‘How to make partner and still have a life’ decodes what it means what you are told you need to increase your profile.

It’s a common piece of feedback that many aspiring partners or directors in large firms will get told. In a Big 4 or large firm, having a […]

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2 essential ingredients you need before you will win work from your network

Leader - leadership illustration on white background

We are told that networking is the best way to win new business, whether from new clients or existing clients. In this blog post, Heather Townsend author of The Go-To Expert, answers the question, what do you actually need to generate new business from your network? 

Two essential ingredients needed to get results from your network.

Networking, whether face-to-face, on-line, internal […]

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3 winning tips to turn your blog articles into client winning assets

You’ve written a blog post. Now what?

How do you turn your blog post into a work-winning asset?

We’ve all been told that blogging helps you win clients.

But exactly how?

Plus do you need to be an internet marketing ninja to turn your blog into a client-winning asset?

Most professionals I meet (lawyers, accountants and consultants), if they blog regularly (and […]

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2 dangerous pieces of incorrect business development advice often touted by established partners

Changing the word impossible to possible.

The tried and tested way to learn to win your own clients is normally by observing how your partners and more experienced team members win their clients. Then, take what works from them OR get advice from them about how to win your own clients. Some of the time this advice is excellent. Other times it is out-of-date and can actually […]

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What really needs to go into your business case for partnership?

Messy office table with notepad, computer, reading glasses and coffee cup. View from above with copy space

How many times have I been asked if I can share a sample business case for partnership?  When you are asked to submit one, it’s understandable if you over do it initially. It’s such an important document – where to start?  . . .  must make sure you include every little piece of evidence . . .  and the stack […]

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What data does your business case for partnership need?

Messy office table with notepad, computer, reading glasses and coffee cup. View from above with copy space

A great business case is full of data which can be verified and validated. In this blog post I will show you exactly what data your business case requires.

What is your evidence of being able to win business?

Some Magic Circle and Big 4 firms don’t expect you to have a partner-sized portfolio before making partner, but they do expect you […]

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Writing your business case for partner – can it really be done in a weekend?

Young women and education, close up of hands of girl studying for college exam in park. Side view, copy space

Although you’ve had your eye on partnership for years, sometimes it happens that when the opportunity arises, you are not ready.  More than one of our clients – Big 4 included – have had a request for a partnership business plan sprung on them at short notice.  There is no need to worry – in this article, I give you […]

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Mistakes consultants make in their business case for partnership

tired manager at work

Many of my clients are consultants, and thus I see a lot of business cases for partnership in the Big 4 firms as well as the large consultancy firms.  I have noticed that the same mistakes are repeated, but they are so easy to fix. In this article, I share what these common mistakes are, and how you can avoid them […]

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Factoring in the climate change clout on business


By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, there’s no denying climate change is having an effect on the way business does business. Consider recent reports that have all-important Atlantic Ocean currents collapsing in the future or the Washington Post piece on the fact a crack in the Antarctic ice shelf just grew by […]

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The pros and cons of becoming a career manager in a Big 4 firm

Portrait of four happy workers holding papers and helmets with joyful expression

Can you have a meaningful career in a Big 4 firm as a fee earner without wanting to make partner? In this blog post Heather Townsend shares an exclusive extract from the 2nd edition of ‘How to make partner and still have a life’ (Click here for a free sample chapter) and explores the positives and negatives of […]

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10 reasons to seriously consider changing firms if you want to make partner quickly at a Big 4 firm


While everyone’s route to partner in a Big 4 is different, there are four main routes to making partner. In this blog post Heather Townsend shares an exclusive extract from the 2nd edition of ‘How to make partner and still have a life’ (Click here for a free sample chapter) and explores why you should consider one of […]

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