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Who needs to be in your support team if you are going to make it to partner in a Big 4 firm


The road to partner is a long and winding one, with many twists and turns. At times it can and will be all-consuming. This is why you need a support team. It’s your support team which makes getting to partner much, much easier. In fact, no support team normally equates to no partnership prospects. In this blog post Heather Townsend […]

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Mistakes consultants make in their business case for partnership

tired manager at work

Many of my clients are consultants, and thus I see a lot of business cases for partnership in the Big 4 firms as well as the large consultancy firms.  I have noticed that the same mistakes are repeated, but they are so easy to fix. In this article, I share what these common mistakes are, and how you can avoid them […]

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The 5 key roles of successful team leaders

Leader - leadership illustration on white background

There is more to making partner than winning work. You also need to be a leader within your firm, and this means having top-notch leadership skills.  A team leader has to play many different roles, and the best ones are extremely skilful people. In this article, taken from my book Poised for Partnership, I look at 5 key roles that […]

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5 Ps that always give time for business development

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You have a full client workload and a target of 6 hours a day of chargeable time. And yet, as part of your ambition to make partner, you need to build your own client portfolio. That’s a full time job by itself, and without black magic, there are only 24 hours in every day. How can you make time for […]

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6 ways in which what clients (really) want has changed

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Many years ago, I gave a conference speech on client service. The audience was full of accountants and lawyers, and as part of my preparation, I had asked some of their clients how they would define great service.

The replies were not surprising:

being accessible and responsive
being proactive and taking the initiative
giving value for money
initiating timely conversations – particularly around fees
being personable […]

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How to build rapport with a prospect during the sales process

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Rapport is a key ingredient to succeeding in making a sale. It’s not something you can force, but it certainly can be nurtured. In this article, I explain how you can develop rapport with potential clients.

To start with: What is rapport?

You are ‘in rapport’ with someone when the relationship between you is harmonious and understanding.  It starts to develop when […]

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When is the right time to specialise?

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My advice for any accountant, lawyer, or consultant is to develop themselves as a specialist. Being known as The Go-To Expert will build your reputation, and your career, far faster and more successfully than being known as a Jack or Jill Of All Trades.  However, getting the timing right can be tricky. Specialise too soon, and you miss out on […]

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How can a mentor be your partnership track secret weapon?

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I have written a series of articles about the support team you need when you are on partnership track.  One of the key roles in this team is your mentor. This role is different, but complementary to the role played by your sponsoring partner. In this article, I look at how you can get full value from the mentoring […]

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Who do you need in your support team when you are on Partner Track?

Business concepts: standing out from the crowd

Getting to partner is not a sprint. It’s much more like a marathon, and like any top level endurance athlete, you will need a top level support team behind you.  This article is taken from my new book Poised for Partnership, and it sets out why a support team is so important, and who the key members need to […]

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How to build a strong and positive relationship with your sponsoring partner


I’ve recently written a series of articles about the support team you need when you are on partnership track. One of the most important roles in this team is your sponsoring partner. He or she is the person who will recommend you for partnership, and if your relationship is broken down, or weak, you might as well kiss goodbye […]

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Due Diligence: how to check that your firm is solvent

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When you are admitted as an equity partner, you are expected to make a large financial contribution to the firm.  Never do this without doing a thorough check on your own firm’s financial stability.  You need to be confident how solvent the firm is now and how it’s looking for the future.

In this article, extracted from Poised For Partnership, […]

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