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The Seven Deadly Sins of Client Advisors

Andrew Sobel

By Andrew Sobel, Big 4 Guest Blogger

Executives tell me it’s not easy to find an advisor with the right balance of experience, expertise, relationship skills, and client orientation. That’s not surprising. It’s a difficult role to pull off well. There are also lots of bad habits that professionals fall into when it comes to serving clients.

Here are seven types [...]

Should You Trust First Impressions?

Andrew Sobel New Headshot 2014

By Andrew Sobel, Big 4 Guest Blogger

A large body of research shows that when we meet someone for the first time, we make judgments about their trustworthiness and competence in a fraction of a second. We do this based on a variety of clues, including physical appearance, facial characteristics, posture, gestures, and so [...]

The Ten Habits of Terrible Listeners

Executive on phone

By Andrew Sobel, Big 4 Guest Blogger

You’re probably not as good a listener as you think you are.

In fact, most people are poor listeners. What’s worse, as we get older and more experienced, it actually gets harder to listen. In any area you may work in, there are a limited set of problems that you will encounter. Once you’ve [...]

“Materiality: What Is It Costing You?”

busniess #5

Beth Berk

By Beth A. Berk, CPA, CGMA, Independent Recruiter

For those of us who were trained while working for a public accounting firm (and for those still in public accounting), does the word “materiality” ring a bell? Is it just me or are YOU also experiencing the same in terms of the materiality of mistakes that are made these [...]

Peter Drucker’s Five Magic Questions

Andrew Sobel

By Andrew Sobel, Big 4 Guest Blogger

The management guru Peter Drucker framed his consulting advice around five critical questions. With the answers to these five questions, you could run and grow your business.

Andrew Sobel

Peter Drucker is considered the leading management thinker of the last century. He wrote 40 books on management, including several when he was in his [...]

When it Pays to Be Audacious and Just Ask

Andrew Sobel New Headshot 2014

By Andrew Sobel, Big 4 Guest Blogger

Many years ago my coauthor, Jerry Panas, was asked to organize the annual meeting for the chamber of commerce in Alliance, Ohio, where he once lived. He decided—rather ambitiously—to ask J.C. Penney to be the annual speaker. At the time, Penney—know as “Mr. Penney” to everyone—was one of the greatest merchants of the [...]

Internet of Things Presents Huge Opportunities to Savvy Consultants

Earth globe with funky ribbons in blue

Alan Radding, guest blogger

Your own book is the best way to build a practice; ask me about ghostwriting your book

The Internet of Things (IoT) appears finally to be gaining real traction with both Gartner and IDC putting out reports on it. The opportunity, however, can best be understood in terms of vertical markets [...]

Deloitte’s 2014 Global Powers of Retailing Report Shows Global Retail Ploughing Through Difficulties To Seed Growth.

David White

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

The new 2014 Global Powers of Retailing report from Deloitte shows that in spite of global economic uncertainty, 250 of the world’s largest retailers made US$4.3 trillion in the last fiscal year running from June 2012 through June 2013. David White, Deloitte Australia Partner and retail industry leader, helped us to understand that and [...]

Four Strategies for Becoming Powerfully Relevant to Your Prospects and Clients

Column graph going up

By Andrew Sobel, Big 4 Guest Blogger

Are you like water and sunshine to your clients?

Connect. Become relevant. Resonate. Make an impact. Those are the steps you follow to build your most powerful relationships.

In this post, I share with you four relationship laws, drawn from my new book Power Relationships, that will help you become more relevant to both prospects and [...]

ReedITC’s Timothy Reed Fits The IT Puzzle Together For CEOs

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Information Technology (IT) is changing the way business does business in such an accelerated way, not even the wisest among us can predict what kind of future innovations like analytics and cloud will usher in with confidence. Still, those brave enough to sail headlong into this relatively new frontier are blazing a business trail that [...]

Making the Tough Information Technology Decision – 5 Key Criteria

By Timothy E. Reed, Guest Blogger

Making the Tough Information Technology Decision – 5 Key Criteria

Making the best decision when faced with today’s diverse and rapidly changing IT marketplace is tough.  Everyone struggles with picking out the right tool or capability, hoping that they will not regret their decision.   You can easily take a wrong turn,  [...]

Big 4 Satire on Amazon!

Target Man 2

Check out this Big 4 satire on Amazon (Kindle available, too). Click “look inside the book” for Big 4 plot set-up.


It’s the most elementary form of goal setting, and yet so often neglected. Your career bucket list is your dream list of professional things experienced and milestones achieved. When you’re done, at whatever age that might be, what list of things will help you to feel meaningfully fulfilled?

Your list represents your highest aspirations. If you’re in the [...]

Deloitte: New Managing Partner in Darwin


The Darwin office of Deloitte has appointed a new Managing Partner, Hendri Mentz.   This announcement coincides with Francis Thomas’ (Deloitte’s Managing Partner in Darwin from 2007-2013) decision to relocate to Timor Leste where Deloitte’s Northern Territory office has been building a strong presence.

Deloitte recently launched a Northern Territory Blueprint for Optimum Growth Survey. The survey of almost 100 businesses [...]