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PwC Drops Canadian Cyclist 

Although the Team PwC program is still committed to supporting Canadian athletes, the company has decided not to renew their sponsorship agreement with Ryder Hesjedal after it was revealed the cyclist used performance enhancing drugs.

PwC Retail Survey Sees Cost As King

A recent PwC survey finds retailers in the grocery, apparel and specialty categories see high overhead costs […]

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IT Failures Seem To Be Everywhere: Is This Part of The New Normal?

When Kathleen Sebelius recently fell on the sword for the miserable rollout of the Affordable Healthcare Act’s website, the event sparked some other serious considerations about the way IT in general and software specifically has woven itself into the lives of the average American generally and business specifically.

Granted,  there are glitches to be […]

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Is emerging market even the right term anymore?

A recent article in the Times Colonist from Victoria, BC brings up a few interesting notions. It points out that Building a Sustainable Future: Strategies for Growth, a new report from PwC, tells Canadian businesses they need to be looking beyond their own borders for investment opportunities and that both China and the United States are ready to turn […]

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See your career as a ‘Tour of Duty’

The idea of ‘Tours of Duty’ was coined by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn. It was published in his book The Start-Up of You (2012) and in an HBR article together with Ben Casnocha and Chris Yeh (June 2013). The main ideas are:

Establish a ‘Tour of Duty’ of 2-4 years, rather than the ‘lie’ of lifelong employment and loyalty;
Encourage employees […]

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CommmentCorner: Deloitte sees the future, even if it sounds funny.

By Rob Starr, Content Manager Big

Not one of the Big Four denies that IT is fast becoming ( or has already become) the mother-of-all-game changers, but it’s always interesting to note what aspect different studies/reports focus on. For some of the learned pundits who watch these things, The Cloud is the biggest thing since moveable type. A quick pause […]

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Special Offer for Subscribers: Transfer Pricing 2013 Conference | October 23-25 | Toronto is proud to offer a special deal on Insight Information’s Transfer Pricing 2013 Conference as a marketing partner. Don’t miss out on the latest transfer pricing updates and best practices in planning, implementation, audit management and documentation at The Old Mill in Toronto.

We’ve got a Special Offer for Subscribers but you’ll need to register at ( […]

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WeiserMazars LLP is pleased to announce that Bridget Day, William Mellon, Lisa Minniti, Charles Abraham and  Nicolas Quairel were promoted to Equity Partners. Bridget Day, CPA, who is based in the New Jersey office, has worked extensively with clients in the financial services, insurance, and banking industries on complex accounting and reporting issues.

William Mellon, CPA, based in WeiserMazars’ Pennsylvania and […]

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Professional Service Providers Must Invest in Marketing

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Financial Consolidation Software – Corporate Performance Management – Evaluation

By Tim Reed, Guest Blogger    

Financial Consolidation Software – Corporate Performance Management – Evaluation

The winds of technical change and opportunity are in full force today… just look at what is going on in the area of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and the new suites of tools and capabilities.  The legacy toolsets used for financial consolidation and financial reporting […]

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Personal Issues & How They May Be Impacting Your Job Search

Hello Fellow/Fella Professionals!

As a new contributor here, I would like to say “hi” and let you know I welcome your input/feedback. Speaking of which, feedback in terms of

Beth Berk

seeking a new job! How many actually have received some good feedback lately? If so, do share!

As an ex-Big 8/Big 4 twice in my career, I think when we come across […]

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If you are striving for work-life balance, you’re missing the point. The concept is based on a flawed assumption. The assumption is that work stinks. Only if work has a negative connotation can there be a need to seek balance. If work is basically a positive experience, one need not flee from it to engage this […]

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How CEO’s Can Lead Their Organizations To Innovation

By Michael VanBruaene, Guest Blogger

As CEO your vigorous questioning and probing will substantially influence the extent and success of innovation in your organization.  Continual questioning of yourself and employees, and instilling this approach into everyone’s thought processes will help to permeate an innovation mindset throughout your organization.

How can we solve a problem and make lives better?
How can we improve […]

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Sorting Out the Data Analytics IT Options

Alan Radding, guest blogger

(A book is the best way to build a consulting practice, ask me about ghostwriting your book.)

An article from McKinsey & Company, a leading management consulting and research firm, declares: “By 2018, the United States alone could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep [data] analytical […]

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Elevator Speech 2.0 = Elevator Dialogue

St. Charles consultant Ellen Johnson recommends that we evolve the concept of an Elevator Speech into an interactive Elevator Dialogue. Her thoughts first appeared in the online Free-Range Learning News in April 2013. To access the full article go to:

Given the frenetic pace of business and the many new communication channels available (mobile phones, email, voicemail, texting, Skyping, Facebooking, etc.), […]

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