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Todd A. Heckman Joins WeiserMazars


By Rob Starr, Content Manager

WeiserMazars LLP, a leading accounting, tax and advisory services firm, recently announced the addition of Todd A. Heckman as a Principal in the Management Consulting Practice. Todd has more than 20 years of management consulting and business transformation experience in a wide range of industries, with particular focus on health care, higher education, and not-for-profit […]


Gregory Black

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

WeiserMazars LLP recently announced that as of August 10, Gregory K. Black had joined as a Partner in the Tax Practice. As a CPA and estate planning attorney with 15 years experience, Black brings a wealth of knowledge from past positions as a Director in the Private Wealth Services Group of Grant Thornton and a […]

SMB IT – Mid Size Companies –Today’s IT Challenges

Timothy E. Reed

Timothy E. Reed

Despite their unique challenges, mid-size companies tend to have many of the same IT priorities as their much larger counterparts.  The IT Challenges mid-size organizations face today are complex.  A recent McKinsey poll of senior IT executives identified the following key IT challenges,

Generate more value from Data

– Improve Security

– Reduce cost of […]

Making the Tough Information Technology Decision – 5 Key Criteria

By Timothy E. Reed, Guest Blogger

Making the Tough Information Technology Decision – 5 Key Criteria

Making the best decision when faced with today’s diverse and rapidly changing IT marketplace is tough.  Everyone struggles with picking out the right tool or capability, hoping that they will not regret their decision.   You can easily take a wrong turn,  […]

Show, Don’t Tell (Rule #3 Of The 7 Irrefutable Rules Of Professional Relationships)

Hello I Am A Genius Nametag

By Michael Moshiri, Founder of Big 4 Confidential

There’s no doubt that your professional relationships have the potential to help you accomplish your goals, achieve remarkable professional growth, and advance quickly in your firm. But most people fail to unleash the full extent of that potential because they refuse to take their relationships beyond purely professional connections.

In fact, […]

Does PwC’s acquisition of Booz & Co rattle The Ghost of Enron Past?


There’s a faint echo from a moment a decade ago everyone would like to forget in PwC’s acquisition of Booz & Co. Although they can point to the addition of 3,000 added employees in 57 locations worldwide as a positive foray back into the lucrative consulting business, the rattling chains from The Ghost of Enron Past are […]

Is emerging market even the right term anymore?

A recent article in the Times Colonist from Victoria, BC brings up a few interesting notions. It points out that Building a Sustainable Future: Strategies for Growth, a new report from PwC, tells Canadian businesses they need to be looking beyond their own borders for investment opportunities and that both China and the United States are ready to turn […]

CommentCorner:Google Maps Engine Pro: How Much Digital Is Too Much?


There’s always the latest thing on the Internet for business and now that enterprise is hammering out a way to work with Big Data, Mobile and even The Cloud, along comes the aforementioned from Google. In fact, the Orwellian search engine is betting their latest product for business, Maps Engine Pro, will revolutionize the way files get shared in […]

CommentCorner: It’s the Digital Age, but dont overlook manufacturing


There’s been some good news from PwC recently that might have been drowned out otherwise in the symphony of digital talk if for no other reason that it centered around that old anachronism, manufacturing. According to PwC’s most recent Manufacturing Barometer, US industrial manufacturers are feeling better about their lot than they have been since way back in the […]

CommmentCorner: Deloitte sees the future, even if it sounds funny.

Big4 Logo

By Rob Starr, Content Manager Big

Not one of the Big Four denies that IT is fast becoming ( or has already become) the mother-of-all-game changers, but it’s always interesting to note what aspect different studies/reports focus on. For some of the learned pundits who watch these things, The Cloud is the biggest thing since moveable type. A quick pause […]

Lingering Impressions…… A guest blog post


In today’s world as we have seen, not everything is what it appears. However if you are a CPA, and/or possibly some other licensed professional, you most likely are expected to abide by certain ethical behavior. As a CPA myself (and CGMA), and one who also teaches ethics,

in a sense I am at times in the “spotlight”, as you may […]

Rule #1 Of The 7 Irrefutable Rules Of Professional Relationships

gold nuggets

By Michael Moshiri, Founder of Big 4 Confidential

There’s no doubt that the right professional relationships can help you improve your performance, achieve remarkable professional growth, and advance in your firm. But many professionals never experience these benefits because of a simple mistake: they fail to focus their time and efforts on the right relationships.

Given the limited amount of time […]

Financial Consolidation Software – Corporate Performance Management – Evaluation

By Tim Reed, Guest Blogger    

Financial Consolidation Software – Corporate Performance Management – Evaluation

The winds of technical change and opportunity are in full force today… just look at what is going on in the area of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and the new suites of tools and capabilities.  The legacy toolsets used for financial consolidation and financial reporting […]

Cloud Driven SLAs – The Keys to Performance

By Tim Reed, Guest Blogger    

Cloud Driven – SLAs – The Keys to Performance

The movement to Cloud delivery provides us with a myriad of new capabilities. The promise of converting capital expense into operating expense, adding resources only when needed and significantly reducing the cycles of IT procurement and cost are hard to ignore.   The reality is […]


weiser mazars


WeiserMazars LLP,, is strengthening its commitment to the field with the addition of Ron Ries as a Partner in its Not-for-Profit Group.   Ries brings more than 20 years of experience to the position and  most recently, he served as Chief Financial Officer at the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services.

Mr. Ries sits on several boards of […]