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5 Year End Moves to Reduce Your Tax Burden

According to H&R Block, Americans left over $1 billion on the table when filing their tax returns – that’s a lot of money. Taxes exist so that the government can operate, the military can protect us, and our infrastructure can function effectively. However, it’s not always easy to pay that bill come April 15. Credits, deductions, and smart money management […]

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Accenture: Communications Service Providers Compelled to Adopt New Technologies

Accenture Report

Faced with ongoing economic challenges, declining voice and text revenues, and the need to address customers’ quality of service expectations on data-intensive networks, communications service providers (CSPs) are being compelled to consider revamping their operating models and adopting new transformational technologies to survive and thrive, according to a survey from Accenture.

The overwhelming majority (93 percent) of CSP […]

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Business services: better results and higher quality using a different way of working

By Richard Cornelisse, Guest Blogger

In times of economic growth, there is a tendency to achieve increases in scale through acquisitions. In business services, the emergence of the Big4 is an example of this.

The economic recession causes companies to adjust to new market circumstances: demand decreases, fees come under pressure and employee productivity slides, causing the focus to shift […]

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Indirect Tax Strategic Plan

By Richard Cornelisse, Guest Blogger

Iresponse to increased scrutiny from Boards, Revenue Authorities and other regulators, many businesses are now formally documenting their indirect tax strategy and implementing formal processes to evaluate and approve planning ideas.

For leading companies, a tax strategy is a dynamic framework that is shaped by internal and external drivers.

A […]

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The End of the Command and Control Leader?

By: Mary Werner, CPA, MOD, Big4 Guest Blogger  

“In these troubled and uncertain times, we don’t need more command and control; we need better means to engage everyone’s intelligence in solving challenges and crises as they arise.”

~Margaret Wheatley

Command and control leaders. You love to hate them. These leaders are […]

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Johnston Carmichael: What’s in the Patent Box?

Posted by Sandie Mowat, Guest Blogger

In amongst all the changes that the Government has implemented which, it hopes, will enhance the UK’s position as an attractive place to do business, the introduction of the patent box is possibly the single most important for manufacturing technology and life science businesses. This new initiative is meant to encourage […]

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How’s Your Radar?

By: Mary Werner, CPA, MOD, Big4 Guest Blogger  

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eye for an instant?”

~Henry David Thoreau


My dog Zoey should have been named “Radar.” She has an uncanny ability to sense what family members are feeling and react to those feelings in […]

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Tax Engines – Questions to Ask Before You Commit

By Robbert  Hoogeveen and Richard Cornelisse
The Current State Of Many Multinationals

Determining the VAT liability and VAT recovery of businesses’ transactions (the system’s indirect tax functionality) can be automated within Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such SAP and Oracle, or by way of a manual processes. Such determination logic can be hugely complex.

Multinationals run often various versions of ERP […]

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Solving Problems: Trusted Advisor Style

By: Mary Werner, CPA, MOD, Big4 Guest Blogger  


“It is very important to understand that emotional intelligence is not the opposite of intelligence,

it is not the triumph of heart over head, it is the unique intersection of both.”

~David Caruso


My […]

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Rate Your Client Relationships: Are You a Trusted Advisor?


By: Mary Werner, CPA, MOD, Big4 Guest Blogger  


“At its core, trust is about relationships.”

~David Maister

In my last two blog posts, I talked about two of the five key EQ skills needed to move from technician to trusted advisor: self actualization and emotional self-awareness.

It won’t come as a shock […]

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John Q. McGowan is the new Chief Information Officer, Global Tax for KPMG

Today, KPMG International is appointing John Q. McGowan to a new role of Chief Information Officer, Global Tax. McGowan has been with the firm for nearly two decades and was recently the leader of the Tax Technology practice for KPMG LLP USA. He brings to his new role extensive knowledge of tax technology as well as in-depth experience with KPMG’s network of member firms, and specifically the firm’s U.S. Tax practice, where he was a client oriented Tax professional before focusing on the use of technology to help drive efficiency in tax processes. Continue reading

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Fraud On The Rise: Auditors Anticipate Finding Fraud At Clients

By Richard Cornelisse

The aim of the blog is to discuss fraud in general and more specific VAT fraud.  What is the positive correlation? What is the impact on tax controversy, company’s prioritization and the game plan needed to mitigate risks?

“While 37.6 percent of respondents expected to find fraud among the accounts they audit, they anticipated their competitors would find […]

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Deloitte, KPMG Colluded on New Irish Tax Law

By Michael Foster, Blogger

Ireland’s Department of Finance has received the draft of new legislation that would lower income tax paid by foreign executives in the country.

The law is receiving scrutiny in the European nation after it was revealed that KPMG and Deloitte submitted draft legislation for a new, special program that would […]

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Georgie Porgie’s Great Expectations!

By Ken Frost Guest Blogger

On the 29th of March George Osborne dropped Lin Homer (CEO of HMRC) a wee note outlining his expectations for HMRC.

Entitled “Remit for HM Revenue and Customs 2012-13” the letter, after congratulating Homer on her appointment, sets out what he wants Homer to do.

Unsurprisingly, “maximising the collection of […]

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Centralized Business Models And ‘Indirect Tax Automation’


By Richard Cornelisse

In the last decade, companies have increasingly automated their business processes. The most common method is by using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Such a set up can be hugely complex. This is definitely the case where it relates to European based indirect tax. As manual processes are subject to human error, automation could – under circumstances – […]

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