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CBIZ Overview

CBIZ (NYSE: CBZ) is a firm that specializes in different professional services. They provide a huge range of services to businesses and products as well as solutions. Everything CBIZ does is designed to help our clients manage both their staff and finances. We have over 140 offices and 5,000 associates in both major and suburban cities in America, all helping different sized organizations and individuals across the country.  We offer superior caliber expertise and a personalized level of service for local level clients.

We have a mission here at CBIZ and that’s  to aid our client’s success with a large variety of expert business and individual solutions, products, and services. We are dedicated to providing excellent client service and building relationships that last for a long time.

Our steadfast commitment to our clients is paralleled by our dedication to our associates and our focus on improving shareholder value. We strive to maintain an expert culture. We want it to be motivating and supportive and one that fosters and rewards high performance, and creates meaningful career opportunities.

We are dedicated to providing quality business services that are combined with  individual attention: we look after all our clients with the utmost care by developing and maintaining excellent personal relationships; professional service is another advantage as is trust and the highest level of personal and professional integrity.



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