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Deloitte Announces Plans to Launch Real Estate Division in 2013

By Kalen Smith, Big4 Blogger

Deloitte has recently announced that it will be launching a real estate division in the United Kingdom. Deloitte Real Estate will be launched shortly after the New Year.

Deloitte has many talented professionals with a deep understanding of the real estate industry. All real estate professionals will be migrated to the new division after it is launched. Deloitte will expand its real estate services to include the business expertise that Deloitte professionals bring to the table.

More than 700 Deloitte professionals will join the ranks of the new team. These professionals have collectively generated more than $120 million in revenue over the last fiscal year.

Andy Rothery will be in charge of Deloitte Real Estate. Rothery is a 25 year veteran of Deloitte. He looks forward to leading the new division and is committed to streamlining the real estate services Deloitte is offering in the UK.

Rothery said that traditional real estate advisory services no longer provide the feedback property owners need. New trends will continue to change the landscape. Consumers will rely on a team of industry experts who can help them understand those trends and make more informed decisions. Rothery said that Deloitte’s expertise in understanding the trends in the real estate industry have already helped it acquire a number of contracts.

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