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Deloitte CEO Jim Moffatt Shares Advice for Aspiring Executives

By Kalen Smith, Big4 Blogger

The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed Jim Moffatt, CEO of Deloitte Consulting, on his perspectives of what skills and traits executives need to thrive in the twenty-first century. Moffatt started his managerial career at the age of 22.

He has faced a variety challenges over the course of his 30-year career and hopes that other managers can learn from his experiences. Moffatt shared his perspective on mistakes managers tend to make at the administrative and interpersonal levels.

Moffatt said that mangers need to understand how to prioritize their tasks. He learned that people need to focus on addressing the most important problems they face. Many managers try to find a solution to problems which require an immediate solution. However, the most urgent challenges may not the biggest priority to the organization’s long-term goals.

Moffatt also said that many managers strive to treat all their employees exactly the same. He said that fairness is an important attribute all managers should focus on providing to their employees. However, managers need to understand what differentiates their employees from one another. They need to learn to tailor their management policies to fit the needs of each of their employees so that they can utilize them to their fullest potential.

Moffatt has managed many employees over the tenure of his career. The Wall Street Journal’s Executive Sweet hopes that other managers can learn from his experiences as they acclimate to an ever-changing world of business.

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