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Deloitte: Diversity and inclusion increase performance

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

According to Juliet Bourke, Deloitte Consulting partner, employees who think their organisation is committed to, and supportive of, diversity and who feel highly included are 80% more likely to believe they work in a high performing organisation.

“Recently Australian organisations have given a lot of attention to diversity.  That’s great – but this research shows it’s only half the story. If organisations want to lift levels of innovation, collaboration or customer services, the consistent view of 1,550 employees is that diversity and inclusion is needed,” said Ms Bourke.

The findings reflect research conducted by Deloitte and the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission, Waiter, is that inclusion in my soup? A new recipe to improve business performance, a survey of 1550 employees in three major Australian workplaces.The research also examined how the behaviours of senior leaders and managers influence employees’ perceptions about whether an organisation is authentically committed to, values and supports diversity, and whether they feel included.

Acting Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commissioner Karen Toohey said the report contributed to an important conversation about workplace health, both for individuals and business as a whole.

“Being inclusive and providing flexible working arrangements is not only the law, it’s good for business and good for employees. This report should encourage businesses to invest in diversity to optimise the benefits,” added Ms Toohey.




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