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Deloitte: Financial Services SolutionPrint™ for Risk and Finance Launched

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

Oracle announced that it has teamed with Deloitte to deliver a pre-configured Enterprise Risk and Finance solution that includes a Financial Services industry specific accounting rules library, reporting & KPI catalogue, and data models. Deloitte’s blend of multi-disciplinary capabilities distinguishes it as one of the few professional service organisations that can provide an extensive, global perspective across the full spectrum of business issues faced by multinational enterprises.

“This is timely for Australia. SolutionPrintTM will help financial services organisations make sense of the onslaught of complex financial data from multiple sources. The Oracle/Deloitte solution is like XBRL on steroids!” said Deloitte Financial Services’ Consulting leader Maickel Sweekhorst.

Deloitte provides access to more than 12,000 Oracle-focused practitioners as well as thousands of professionals with capabilities in tax, finance, human resources, risk, and business consulting.





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