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Deloitte: Global resource valuation footprint created

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

Deloitte’s South African member firm has acquired local mining services consultancy Venmyn.

“The creation of Venmyn Deloitte in South Africa is part of our continuing strategy to build a world class global energy and resources technical advisory business,” said Deloitte Australia Partner and Global Mining Leader, Phil Hopwood. He said the Venmyn acquisition  had consolidated Deloitte’s global reach in technical resource valuation. “Having operated in one of the world’s most resource rich environments for more almost 25 years, Venmyn’s technical expertise in resource valuation is second to none and we plan to employ that knowledge across the globe for the benefit of clients in similarly resource rich regions.”

“Eventually, we plan to utilise the accumulated knowledge of Venmyn Deloitte to develop a similar technical capability in Australia that will continue to strengthen the global capability of the firm.  However, given our relative proximity to South Africa, we’re confident Australian clients will be able to benefit from Venmyn Deloitte’s expertise almost immediately.”


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