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Deloitte: Lack of Leadership Seen to Thwart Manufacturing Renaissance

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

According to a new survey from Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, the public feels that American leadership is off-course in improving manufacturing competitiveness and that the national economy is weak and fragile. The survey – the fourth annual “Public Viewpoint on Manufacturing” – sampled a nationally representative group of 1,000 Americans in September, finding that 84 percent “strongly agree” or “agree” that the United States needs a more strategic approach to developing its manufacturing base. A vast majority (82 percent) support further investment into America’s manufacturing industry.

“The perceived lack of competitiveness leadership across the board seems to be seeping beyond manufacturing, dragging down optimism about an economic turnaround,” said Jennifer McNelly, president of The Manufacturing Institute.

Moreover, The Manufacturing Institute’s McNelly indicates that the public has a similar frustration when it comes to schools, with only 49 percent of Americans saying they “strongly agree” or “agree” that their local school systems are able to expose students to the appropriate skills required to pursue a job in manufacturing – and 79 percent say the education system needs reform.

McNelly, for her part, points out that only 35 percent of Americans say they would encourage their children to pursue careers in manufacturing, despite the advanced skills that are required to work in today’s highly technical and advanced manufacturing facilities.

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