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Deloitte Plans Rapid Expansion into Middle East

By Michael Foster, Blogger

Deloitte has continued its middle east expansion with the hire of 40 new partners, principals, and directors throughout the region in 2012. The year saw a radical expansion into the fast-growing region, with Deloitte planning to expand even further next year.

Of those hires, 60% are native to the region, and most of those have international experience in foreign businesses or education. The remainder are international professionals–expatriates who have joined the firm in the region to spearhead the Big4 firm’s growth in local markets.

Despite Deloitte’s much-praised dedication to diversity and equality issues, only 15 per cent of the hires are women, and only three of those hires are in leadership positions. Deloitte has said that it remains committed to the advancement of women in the Middle East and will focus on putting women in positions of prominence in the coming years.

Deloitte Middle East CEO Omar Fahoum said that the hires demonstrate the centrality of the Middle East to the firm’s global strategy. “These appointments reflect the firm’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovative, world-leading thinking to all our clients, and reaffirm our confidence in the Middle East as a priority market,” said Fahoum. “The Middle East is playing an increasingly significant role in world economics. As a result, we are committed to investing in capabilities and talent across the region.”

Deloitte hired 51,400 staff worldwide in the fiscal year 2012, and currently has around 200,000 employees.

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