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Deloitte: Report outlines top challenges organisations

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

A  Deloitte report is identifying the issues of importance to organisations for 2013. The report entitled Lead or be led: Time to take advantage of the new business reality, promotes boardroom discussions around the strategies that management has put forward to address key challenges and seize opportunities that lie ahead.

The  Deloitte report outlines 10 key issues that boards of directors may face in 2013. They include:

 Finding the best value for cash

Faced with continuing global economic uncertainties, companies that have set aside cash reserves and wanting to put these funds to work to build their organisations will need to determine a plan to achieve the greatest value from their investment.

Strategy the key to winning the war for talent

While boards pay close attention to the risks facing their organisation, their focus is often on controls processes, technology, and other risks. Less emphasis is typically placed on risks related to the organisation’s people. Yet organisation’s people have a direct link to its risk culture and tone at the top according to Deloitte.

Deloitte reports the global business environment continues to be reshaped by many factors – globalisation, economic conditions, regulatory changes, technological advances, demographic shift, changing stakeholder expectations, and more. As a result, some opportunities that once existed have disappeared, while new ones are being created


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