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Deloitte: State of the Media Democracy Survey

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

According to Deloitte’s State of the Media Democracy Survey – India 2012 (the Survey), purchasing products is the least online activity done by those surveyed with only 15% saying they shop online. The survey shows that combining online and offline research before deciding what / where to purchase is important for the majority of consumers. Interestingly, majority of consumers visited websites after watching ads in televisions, newspapers, magazines, or even billboards. And undoubtedly, television is still the reigning emperor and has the most perceived advertising persuasiveness across all age groups.

Television remains the most common way to consume video, TV content and film, followed by the Internet. However, the proportion of consumers multitasking while watching television is substantial, with the most common activities being emailing, reading, and talking over phone. Television (along with newspapers) is rated as the strongest medium for advertising, with two-thirds saying it’s among their top influences on their buying decisions. About 60% Millennials and 69% Boomers are influenced by ads on TV.

The Internet boom in India continues its growth run. A large majority of consumers, 72% on an average, use search engines on a daily basis. This has been an amazing change compared with the 2009 Survey where only 17% used search engines. Other top activities include emailing (60%) and instant messaging with friends/family (58%). Email is still the most commonly used format for sharing content with others but is particularly low among Millennials, as sharing via social network is their preferred medium. Consumers are actively using the Internet to learn of new products, decide which to buy, and importantly, which not to buy. Millennials are most actively using the Internet to recommend products to others.



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