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Deloitte: Top media trends for 2013

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

The technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) practice at Deloitte today announces its predictions for media trends in 2013.

Jolyon Barker, global lead for Deloitte’s technology, media and telecommunications industry, comments: “This year’s predictions cover a range of topics, highlighting developments for mobile advertising and in the TV sector.

“Deloitte predicts that the television industry in 2013 will commence the roll-out the next generation of high definition TV, known as 4K, offering four times the resolution of the best high definition services currently available. 4K will require new studios, initially costing close to £10 million. Consumers will require new TV sets and personal video recorders (PVRs). Sports broadcasters may be among the first to invest in 4K.”

Driven by demand for larger screens, clearer pictures and the migration of gaming to TV screens, 4K will initially appeal to wealthy early adopters and companies as another of these media trends. They will choose between 20 models on sale by year end, about half of which will cost less than £6,200. Commercial 4K broadcast and streaming services are not envisaged in 2013 and viewing will comprise pre-recorded or streamed content, dominated by movies.

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