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Deloitte Wins OpenText Award Five Years Consecutively

By Michael Foster, Blogger

Deloitte has won the OpenText Global System Integrator award for the fifth year in a row. The award was given at the openText Enterprise World 2012 conference, and is a sign of the firm’s commitment to the OpenText platform.

OpenText provides a variety of enterprise solutions products that allow firms to run more effectively and manage their records and content in a more streamlined fashion. In addition to invoice processing and records management, OpenText allows for scalable solutions for companies of various sizes.

Deloitte principal Perry Finklestein said that OpenText offers data management systems that can help companies of various sizes. “Our alliance with OpenText allows us to help clients improve business processes by providing access to unstructured data from within existing business systems,” Perry said, adding, “Our project teams can take advantage of this technology by identifying process improvements that advance the strategic business goals of our clients.”

In addition to OpenText’s own solutions, the company also offers SAP implementation that allows full integration of OpenText’s enterprise content management system with SAP standards.

“Our project teams bring a structured approach to information management as well as a broad perspective on how to build value with SAP implementations that utilize OpenText technology,” said Bill Grasham, a principal at Deloitte.

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