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James Kroeker Returns to Deloite After Working With SEC

By Kalen Smith, Big4 Blogger

James Kroeker, Deloitte alumnus and former chief accountant with the Securities and Exchange Commission, is expected to resume employment with Deloitte. Kroeker served in Deloitte’s accounting service group prior to 2007 when he resigned to assume his role with the SEC.

A source connected familiar with Deloitte said that the auditing firm has been under a considerable amount of pressure to hire employees who have served with regulators. Deloitte is also considering hiring Hector Sants, former head of the United Kingdom’s Financial Services Authority.

Kroeker will be serve as a deputy managing partner when he joins Deloitte. He will be reporting directly to Joe Echevarria, CEO of Deloitte’s practice in the United States. Echevarria said he looks forward to working closely with Kroeker.

Echevarria said that Kroeker’s experience as a regulator will be a key benefit to the firm. In addition, Kroeker has a unique set of skills and expertise that spans the disciplines of accounting, technology and auditing.

Echavarria and his colleagues feel that Kroeker will be an invaluable asset to Deloitte. However, his appointment will still need to be approved by the Board of Directors before he can assume his new responsibilities.

Kroeker said that he considered many different career opportunities before making his decision to return to Deloitte. He said that Deloitte will play a key role in transforming the future of the auditing industry.

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