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US MBAs Favor Deloitte Hugely Over Other Big Four Firms

US MBAs Favor Deloitte Hugely Over Other Big Four Firms

Lisa Chapman,

The recent Universum American MBA Survey shows that MBA students perceive Deloitte much higher up in the scale as an attractive US employer as compared to other Big Four firms and generally other top employers.Universum went out to survey 5,732 participants in 2010, clocking over 21,561 employer evaluations in 2010 over 50 leading MBA schools from December 2009 to March 2010.

So this is a pretty sizeable sample over a wide variety of schools, which makes this study quite credible. And valuable too. Mainly for employers as they vie for this talented lot.According to Universum, this can be a basis for decision-making when recruiting MBA students, determining messages and channels for future employer branding campaigns, and as a control instrument for measuring the appeal a company/organization has over MBA students in the United States.Deloitte ranks 12th in this list, barely missing the top 10, which has strong competition from companies like Google (no surprise at number 1), McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Apple and Nike.

And there’s a bunch in the 40s.Accenture is 41st, PricewaterhouseCoopers is 44th and Ernst and Young is 45th ranked.Much lower down the pike is KPMG at rank 75th.Clearly all the Big Four firms made the top 100 list (kudos!), but Deloitte is viewed as a clear topper in all such rankings of employers, and with Deloitte Consulting being a big hirer of fresh MBAs (and offering consulting opportunities similar to top-tier consulting firms), its really not that surprising that the firm is viewed by MBA students as a top employer in competition with the best of companies in the nation.

Here is the entire list…..Company Ranking 2010 Google 1 McKinsey & Company 2 Goldman Sachs 3 The Boston Consulting Group 4 Apple Computer 5 Bain & Company 6 J.P. Morgan 7 Walt Disney Company 8 Nike 9 Johnson & Johnson 10 Amazon 11 Deloitte 12 The Blackstone Group 13 Morgan Stanley 14 Microsoft 15 General Electric 16 Procter & Gamble 17 IDEO 18 The Coca-Cola Co. 19 Credit Suisse 20 Barclays Capital 21 American Express 22 PepsiCo 23 Starbucks 24 Bank of America 25 Sony 26 BMW 27 LVMH 28 Nestlé USA 29 IBM 30 Booz & Company 31 Starwood Hotels & Resorts 32 3M 33 Deutsche Bank 34 Unilever 35 Genentech 36 Intel 37 General Mills 38 L Oréal 39 Cisco Systems 40 Accenture 41 U.S. Department of State 42 Southwest Airlines 43 PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP 44 Ernst & Young 45 Target 46 MillerCoors 47 Kraft Foods 48 Fidelity Investments 49 UBS 50 Citi 51 Time Warner 52 Chevron Corporation 53 Diageo 54 Exxon Mobil Corporation 55 Anheuser-Busch InBev 56 FBI 57 Central Intelligence Agency 58 Harrah s Entertainment 59 Shell Oil Company 60 Marriott 61 Gap Inc. 62 Medtronic 63 Wells Fargo & Company 64 Yahoo! 65 Mattel 66 Booz Allen Hamilton 67 Boeing 68 HSBC 69 eBay 70 Hilton Hotels Corporation 71 Siemens 72 Amgen 73 A.T. Kearney 74 KPMG LLP 75 Hewlett-Packard 76 Monitor Group 77 Cargill 78 Pfizer 79 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. 80 BP 81 U.S. Department of Energy 82 Teach for America 83 Abbott 84 AT&T 85 MGM Mirage 86 Mayo Clinic 87 Lockheed Martin Corporation 88 Merck 89 Limited Brands 90 Hyatt Hotels and Resorts 91 Colgate-Palmolive Company 92 Dell Inc. 93 Lilly 94 Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation 95 The Vanguard Group 96 Oracle 97 Vestas 98 Wal-Mart Stores Inc. 99 Honda Companies 100Universum, MBA Survey, 2010, attractive employers, Deloitte, top 100

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