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Huron Consulting Group works with their clients in diverse industries to increase performance, work with regulations, lower costs, rebound from distress, leverage new technologies and foster growth. The group delivers sustainable and quantitative results. Huron works with many different financially sound and distressed companies, including those in healthcare, Fortune 500 firms, leading academic places, medium-sized businesses, and the law firms these places work with.

Huron is an international consulting firm that provides professional consulting services. There are five main practices focused on —Education, Financial,Legal and Life Sciences and Healthcare. The company offers top notch services from outstanding industry professionals. Their excellent experience helps companies navigate complicated business landscapes.

We help increase performance, comply with regulations that are complicated, lower costs, fix disputes, bounce back from distress, leverage technology and stimulate growth. Focusing on strategy, financial, operational and technology consulting, our approach delivers long term solutions.

Huron delivers strategic help to institutions across the full scope of secondary education and academic medical centers. We help ciustomers align the organization and its resources to get results. Our partners are institutional leaders, as well as faculty and other key stakeholders. Strategies and solutions are the key to the innovations we supply.

Huron has eleven North American offices located from one side of the continent to the other. As well, there are  seven document review centers that are all part of our comprehensive services.

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