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David Fowler Shares Plans After Resigning from KPMG

By Kalen Smith, Big4 Blogger

David Fowler, managing partner of KPMG, has resigned from his role and will leave the firm this spring. Fowler has dedicated his entire career to KPMG. The managing director said that he is retiring to spend more time with his family. Fowler intends to remain in the Kansas City area and will dedicate his retirement to philanthropic activities.

Fowler worked for KPMG for almost 40 years. He was well known for his ability to inspire his staff and capture their attention with humor.

Professionals throughout Kansas City said that Fowler was one of the most entertaining and engaging people to work with. Many of his colleagues praised these qualities, stating that they were rarities in the accounting profession. The Kansas City Business Journal reported that Fowler shattered many of the stereotypes carried by his profession.

KPMG employees in Kansas City said that they will miss working with him. However, they also respect his decision to resign to spend more time with his family and commit to building the community. Fowler has been an active member of the community through his tenure with KPMG. He was the chair of the Kansas City Chamber’s Aviation committee, but hasn’t said whether or not he plans to resume that role after his departure with KPMG.

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