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KPMG: IT empire building over

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

According to KPMG’s Global Head of IT Advisory,  CIOs have begun to adopt a ‘federal approach’ to IT services, with many empowering IT decision-making at a local, functional, level. Bryan Cruickshank also argues that instead of providing pan-organisational services and support, CIOs are better able to serve their business by focusing on governance and strategic issues.

Cruickshank’s analysis is based on data collected by IDG Research Services on KPMG’s behalf.  Exploring the impact of macro business trends on IT, it concludes that CIOs need to alter their focus if they are to successfully grapple with emerging technologies and the demands of ‘the Boardroom’.

“The CIO has the most dynamic role in an organisation.  What started off as keeping the mainframe running has turned into a strategic role with a direct impact on revenue, reputation and overall business success.  Keeping the lights on is, of course, still important, but faced with managing an increasingly diverse set of options in a rapidly evolving technology and business environment, the traditional CIO is changing into someone less concerned with managing information and more focused on delivering integration,” he says.

“All too often, organisations overhaul their IT operations or update technology strategies in response to challenges and opportunities, but few see the subsequent alignment between IT changes and business operations as a source of strength.  The result is widespread acceptance that a change in approach is needed, yet many businesses are struggling to define what their new operating model should look like.”



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