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KPMG: Plug-in Hybrids a Close Second for Automakers

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

According to the KPMG International 14th Global Automotive Executive Survey.,  the continued uncertainty over electro-mobility technologies, as well as new trends in globalization, rapid urbanization and changing consumer behavior are the key forces predicted to cause a big shift in the automotive landscape over the next 5 years. Still,  global automakers, still have no clear course on electro-mobility and plan to continue to optimize the internal-combustion engine (ICE), but will also put a greater investment in hybrid plug-in fuel systems through 2018.

Mathieu Meyer, KPMG’s Global Head of Automotive and a partner of the German firm comments:

“The changing views on pure hybrids, plug-ins, fuel cell and battery-powered vehicles reflect the uncertainty as to which will be the dominant technology. In the short term, the individual driver is likely to prefer a hybrid, whereas fleets may opt for electric cars. However, it seems that pure electric vehicles power will not prevail, at least in the next decade,” he said.  “Another critical consideration that the industry and public sector must address as we plan a future of electro-mobility is when and to what extent an affordable infrastructure will be in place to address the recharging requirements of large numbers of electrified vehicles.”

Also altering the automotive landscape is growing trend of ‘connected car’ technologies where 54 percent cited its importance compared to 22 percent in the KPMG 2012 survey. Technology companies are expected (42 percent) to have the lead over OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers for control of in-car technology over the next 5 years.


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