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KPMG: Regional newspapers need to change their business models

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

David Elms, head of media at KPMG in the UK, recently published this full  article  in Press Gazette.

The head of media at KPMG in the UK  says that the long expected consolidation of the UK’s regional newspaper market might finally be imminent citing the fact that Yattendon, the media and property group, confirmed it is in talks with the DMGT to acquire its regional newspaper division Northcliffe.

Elms notes the  fast growing competition from digital combined with the recession has forced media businesses into challenging their business models and making tough choices. The UK’s regional newspapers have been particularly under pressure.

“Their traditional generators of income – classified advertising for cars, property, and jobs –  have largely migrated on-line,” he writes.  “Add to this the cyclical impact of the recession and the overall outlook is not a good one.Regional newspapers need to change their business models and they need to do so quickly.”

“I think a real step change and way forward would be the formation of a larger regional newspaper group, that covers the major UK conurbations and is therefore ‘national’ in its coverage and perspective.A group of that scale would have the power to attract national advertisers as well as local advertisers,” he concludes.




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