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KPMG UK Welcomes The Queen Of England. A Lucky Few Get The Chance To Meet.

KPMG UK Welcomes The Queen Of England. A Lucky Few Get The Chance To Meet.

(blog) How about a royal visit to sizzle up a dull day reviewing company audit papers, boring tax laws or hardware specifications.

Well, KPMG UK certainly appears to have had quite a day today, what with the Queen of England stopping by their new Canary Wharf headquarters to say hello to the busy folks at the Big Four firm. 15 Canada Square, the new HQ has 400,000 sq feet of space in 15 floors and reputedly one of the greenest buildings in the city.

She was there to officially open the new KPMG building at Canary Wharf on the morning of November 12, 2010.

Reportedly, the Queen was dressed in mauve with a silver brooch and hat with flowers was heartily welcomed with cheers, applause and waving flags before getting a royal tour of the new digs with its UK chairman John Griffith-Jones. And then she got a chance to meet a lucky few of the 4,000 KPMG employees there.

Hopefully the royal roster went beyond the senior partners and touched some folks lower down the chain.

We guess KPMG gets the royal treatment since they are auditors for the Royal Household accounts. The Queen reportedly met the professionals in that department, amongst others in different service lines. What a way to keep your auditor happy!

Eddie Donaldson, lead partner in service to the Royal Household said, "The team regard it as a real privilege to do the work in the first place. To meet the Queen herself in person was a very special moment in their careers."

You can see the KPMG visit on the UK royal monarchy site, and its twittered too

And we found 2 videos on Youtube already, they’re short but give a good idea of the atmosphere, we’re sure there’s more to come too… (blog)


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