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The KPMG Vantage App Unravels The Complex in Cyberspace

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Brian Miske, Chief Marketing Officer at KPMG, starts off a recent conversation about KPMG Vantage, an interactive publication for iPad, with a few refrains that are heard more and more as business loses itself in the world of everything digital.

“Change is imminent and our audiences both internally and externally are really short for time and they’re overloaded with data,” he told “So we needed to focus our organizational strategy and decide what conversations we needed to own in the market.”

Simple Storytelling

He went on to say the application was decided on as the right vehicle since KPMG felt it was the

Brian Miske

best way to explain complicated ideas with simple storytelling. The subsequent KPMG Vantage app was launched with Insights into Canadian Banking. It has been optimized for iPad and blends analysis with data, insights and industry facts.

“We were really looking for new ways to inspire, lead and bring our own strategy to life,” Miske says.

He added the first generation of the app concentrates on regulatory services and uses different types of artwork and illustrations to divulge what is happening with different types of narratives and perspectives on any number of different issues. Miske explains the evolution of the way that kind of information gets transmitted.

White Paper

“Typically when that kind of information was communicated before, you would get a forty to fifty page white paper, going very deep,” he said adding there are now three to four generations in the marketplace simultaneously looking for information in very different ways.

He goes on to say the app affords anyone of these groups to start off at a very high level and then dive down to different specific depths with any specific issue of interest. KPMG Vantage covers a wide range of topics across many different industries providing in depth analysis on important issues and critical developments.

The app also acts as a conduit to KPMG subject matter professionals adding to the flexibility of the entire package.

Different Audiences

“What we’re trying to do is tell the story more effectively to the myriad of different audiences,” Miske says. “Whether that’s from inside the organization in an education awareness perspective or to the key buyers of our services.”

He says the biggest challenge has been that people are overwhelmed with the amount of content they get inundated with and the goal has always been simplifying complex issues.

“The financial regulatory environment is fairly complex and it is going through change as well, but other industries are going to be experiencing different levels of complexity with the Internet of Things, Big Data and some of the other components we’re getting into,” he says.

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