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KPMG’s Paul Hencoski Provides Insights on Health Insurance Exchanges

By Kalen Smith, Big4 Blogger

Health insurance exchanges are one of the most significant changes states will need to prepare for under the terms of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Paul Hencoski, National Lead Partner for Health and Human Services of KPMG, will be providing his perspective on the impact of the states on this critical issue. States have until January to announce whether they intend to manage their own insurance exchanges or run on the one offered by the federal government. Their decision will create fundamental changes for many organizations throughout the country.

Hencoski has been a project manager for nearly 15 years. He is also a distinguished member of the health care community and a long-standing member of the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA).

Hencoski is currently coordinating KPMG’s consulting services with the state of New Jersey. New Jersey lawmakers are seeking his input as they plan their own health insurance exchange program in the coming months.

Employers throughout the country appreciate the Hencoski’s perspective on the impact of state’s decisions over health insurance exchanges. Anyone interested in speaking with him can schedule an appointment by contacting Laura Sheridan Powers, Associate Director of Corporate Communications at 609-509-5875.

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