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UK Employers Finding It Hard to Fill Key Job Vacancies Today, Says KPMG

UK Employers Finding It Hard to Fill Key Job Vacancies Today, Says KPMG

by Rob Starr,
August 25th, 2010

(blog) Here’s another one for the truth is stranger than fiction file. According to a new report from KPMG UK, almost half of the British employers surveyed said that they were having a hard time filling open job vacancies. In fact 45% of the 600 that were surveyed said that they were having this problem to such an extent they were looking offshore to fill the vacancies, especially for key positions where historically talent has been sourced from outside the UK as in engineering, accounting/finance and IT.
When you start to break down the numbers, you see that the answer to what at first looks like an anomaly might just be business emerging from the recession with an eye to the new global economy. Case in point:
• British employers said that they plan to use call centers in India and China.
• IT and finance will also be ‘offshored’
The head of KPMG UK head of markets, Malcolm Edge, put a realistic spin on the whole thing by saying that British companies are looking toward a future that they see as increasingly bright so that want to make sure they keep the momentum by plugging the gaps where they need to in the employment sector.

“In moving forward, businesses need the right people with the right skills. Increasingly, they are looking overseas to address this skills gap recruiting people to the UK or deciding to offshore both work and jobs,” he recently told

This could be a big test for the new Coalition government since there has been talk about introducing a migration cap on these business and their jobs. The fact that there doesn’t seem to be enough specialized trained workers in the UK to fill these vacancies might just be an oversight for the British; but the transition in other countries where there has been a loss of manufacturing jobs like Canada has left similar holes to fill. (blog)


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