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Your top 3 priorities after finding out you have made it to partner

champagne cork popping 500pxCongratulations on making partner.  You’ve just achieved the biggest step-up in your career that you’ll ever make. You’ve probably been aiming for it for most of your working life.  In the couple of months before your appointment becomes permanent, there are a few things you must see to.

This article gets you going with the top three priorities you need to deal with now.  On the How To Make Partner website, there are more actions that you also need to consider before your partnership becomes official.

Do more due diligence

Top of your list must be making sure that this is absolutely the right step for you. This may seem crazy after all the years you have spent working towards this moment, but lives and priorities change, and before stepping through that partnership doorway, just check it’s still the goal you want.

Before you sign the agreement, take time to revisit the due diligence you did when you started to build your business case for partnership.  Talk to your support team, not forgetting your family and friends, to find out how they feel about your new position.  Ask to see any sensitive company documents that you have not been able to read before. You are investing a sizeable chunk of capital in this business, not to mention a huge amount of your life. You need to be 100% sure that it is the right decision.

Read What due diligence should I do on my firm before buying in? to find out all the due diligence you need to do before signing on the bottom line.

Create your PR and Communication plan

Making partner is a huge achievement, and something that you should use as a marketing opportunity.  I’d say you have about 9 months as a new partner when you are hot news, and you should use this time to exploit PR opportunities in the local, national, and trade press.

Before you start though, talk to your company’s marketing and PR team because they may already have publicity plans for you.  They will also be able to tell you when the embargo on the news will be lifted.

As a bare minimum, your PR and Communications plan should include:

  • How and when you will break the news on social media, especially LinkedIn and Twitter. Remember that you may not be able to change your job status on LinkedIn until the day after you are formally admitted to the partnership.
  • How you will contact all your A-listers, particularly clients and professional intermediaries, to tell them your good news.

I encourage you to do more than these two though. Which trade publications do you want to feature in? Think about some articles that you could pitch to them.

The Go-To Expert has some great tips for getting your PR into the media.

Build a new 3 year career plan

Getting to the top of the ladder is great, but you do realise, don’t you, that now you are at the bottom of a new ladder?  Don’t be surprised if you feel a sense of anticlimax, it’s quite common. We see it time and again with our clients when they reach the target they have been aiming for since leaving university. We always advise them to sit down with a blank sheet of paper and start working on a new career plan for the next 3 years.

So, those are the first three things we think you should be doing now that you’ve made it to partner. Over on How To Make Partner website, we look at some more priorities that you’ll need to deal with before the fun really starts

Author Credit

GTE thumbnail_100Heather Townsend helps professionals become the The Go-To Expert. She is the author of the  award winning and best-selling book on business networking, the ‘FT Guide To Business Networking’ and the co-author of ‘How to make partner and still have a life’, and ‘The Go-To Expert’. Over the last decade she has worked with over 300 partners; coached, trained and mentored over 2000 professionals at every level of the UK’s most ambitious professional practices. 

Heather blogs regularly at How to make partner and still have a life and works with future and current Big 4 partners and professionals from mid-tier firms all over the world

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