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Media Kit for Big 4 Alumni

We are the preferred destination on the Internet for Big 4 Alumni.

This rapidly growing group of well-educated, highly trained, career-conscious and upwardly mobile professionals is attracted to this independent, niche site because they know they can find:

  • Social networking opportunities that allow them to make new connections or reconnect with old colleagues. Big 4 alumni share a commonality of work experience and culture, which creates a sense of camaraderie and a desire to network after leaving the Big 4 firms.
  • Frequently updated in-depth news and information on current events, financials, careers and more at each of the Big 4 firms.
  • Opportunities to find a job suited to their skill and offer their professional services.
  • News regarding Big 4 alumni who have achieved distinguished positions in business, government or academia.

Some of the most renowned companies on an international scale also post positions on The Big Four Job Board. The options for Big4 Alumni and experts presented here are both challenging and fulfilling. Our clients come from diverse industries and with many different skill sets and career experiences. They are drawn from our educated and trained target demographic. Please also remember that we strive to keep up to date on all the latest news concerning Big4 Alumni. We’re dedicated to making sure Big 4 Alumni enjoy a complete experience with our website.