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Accenture Delivery Centers Receive BSI Certification for Continuing Business

Erica deVry, Staff Reporter

The delivery centers of Accenture in India received the BS25999-2:2007 certification for business continuity from BSI (Business Standards Institute). Accenture is an international management consulting and outsourcing company that combines comprehensive abilities and unparalleled experience across all industries. BS25999 certification is designed and framed to facilitate companies implement and develop a strong business stability plan.

Business Standards Institute certification has been prepared to help companies continue functioning under most unexpected and challenging situation. This certification covers infrastructure outsourcing, application outsourcing, business process outsourcing (BPO) and systems integration services of Accenture in India. 
Accenture Global Business Continuity Management Lead, Nirav Sampat, said that Business continuity is an important part of business activity of Accenture, and further helps the company meet its legal, contractual, operational, and client demands successfully.
Director of Global Asset Protection, Tim Weir, at Accenture, said, “BS25999 certification is an indicator of the quality of the business continuity management system we have put in place to continue to provide services to our clients when faced with business disruptions and compliments our ISO 27001 certification, which is a testament to our information security controls.” He further said that their focus on the business continuity management through the utilization of consistent methodologies and metrics allows them to offer a secured environment for providing high-quality facilities to their customers.
BS25999 certification is the business standard for BCMS (Business Continuity Management) system. Managing Director, Flemming Norklit, of BSI Management Systems said that they are happy to present the company (Accenture) with the first business certificate.
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One Response to Accenture Delivery Centers Receive BSI Certification for Continuing Business

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