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Accenture Launches GE Aviation Joint Venture Taleris

By Michael Foster, Blogger

Accenture will be launching a joint venture with GE Aviation. Named Taleris, the new operation will offer operations services that increase operational efficiency by using aircraft performance data and other optimizing solutions developed within the new firm. The firm is expected to be launched in early 2013, after regulatory approval. The size of the investment from either firm was not disclosed.

Taleris will be led by Mitch Cline as Chief Operating Officer, who will be in charge with developing the infrastructural solutions for the aviation industry that Taleris will offer.

“Airlines are seeking more effective and efficient ways to utilize next generation technologies and this new joint venture will allow us to respond by combining the strengths of intelligent operations, predictive analytics, and recovery solutions to integrate and optimize airline operations,” said Cline of Taleris’s goal.

Taleris hopes to offer a variety of software applications for the aviation industry, such as new analytics tools and remote access solutions, which will be developed from Accenture’s software work.

GE Aviation will allow Taleris to use its operations solutions and ProDAPS predictive analytics technology to analyze aircraft systems and components, while Accenture will provide software solutions for Taleris customers. Taleris will also take on the planning and recovery business from Navitaire, another Accenture company that has worked in the airline industry by offering software solutions for quite some time.

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