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Accenture Report: European Debt Crisis Leads to Surge in Acquisitions

By Kalen Smith, Big4 Blogger

A new report from Accenture has found that the European debt crisis is encouraging many more companies to take advantage of acquisitions in the region. They are going to be looking for new opportunities to take advantage of economic growth throughout the region.

According to Mark Spelman, managing director of Accenture’s strategy division, the Eurozone still holds promise for businesses over the long-term. Many businesses are acquiring new divisions so that they can take advantage of growth prospects throughout the region after the crisis subsides.

Accenture said that it surveyed more than 450 companies across the world, almost all of whole had more than a billion in revenues. More than half of German and Spanish companies plan to engage in a merger in the Eurozone.

Experts claim that there are signs that the region’s debt crisis may be resolved soon. However, the country’s economic situation is another cause for concern. A recent report has shown that consumer confidence throughout the region dropped to the lowest it has been since the beginning of 2009. The Eurozone has also officially entered a new recession, which causes concerns for people living in the area.

Nevertheless, multinational businesses remain encouraged that the debt crisis will be resolved and the economy will turn around soon.

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