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Accenture Sees Strong Revenues, Growth in Outsourcing

By Michael Foster, Blogger

Accenture sees strong profits of $698.8 million in quarterly profits for the first fiscal quarter of 2013. The firm also said that its revenue rose by 1 per cent to $7.67 billion and that it expected earnings to be even stronger going forward in 2013. The company raised its revenue guidance for next quarter.

The firm has seen growing demand for its enterprise software solutions and consulting services, which helped both the top line and bottom line.

The firm divides itself into five main groups: communications, media and technology; financial services; health and public service; products; and resources. Of these groups, Products earned the mostrevenue in the first quarter, at $1.7 billion. Financial services was second at $1.56 billion. Accenture defines its “Products” line as including air, freight and travel services; automotive, consumer goods and services, and industrial equipment; infrastructure and transportation; life sciences, and retail.

The Americas remained the company’s largest market by a wide margin, at $3.3 billion, and Europe and the Middle East and Africa second at $2.8 billion. American revenues grew by 10 per cent while EMEA revenues were down slightly. Asian revenues were up 8 per cent.

Despite the company’s history in consulting, that arm of the company saw flat growth while outsourcing rose 13 per cent.

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