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Accenture: Two-Year Management Consulting Advisory Services With United Bank Of India

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

The United Bank of India (UBI) has signed an agreement with Accenture which will provide management consulting advisory services to support the bank’s strategic transformation program.Accenture will advise the bank on ways to develop and optimize its operating model and assist UBI with ways to renew and optimize its more than 1,700 branches, enhance the sales-effectiveness of its branch workforce, and improve and refine its branch footprint.

Under the contract, Accenture also will assist UBI in its talent and human resource strategies by helping to enhance its manpower planning, establish performance management systems that foster meritocracy and by developing a five-year roadmap for developing critical employee skills through training. Accenture also will help the bank identify ways to increase adoption of digital channels such as online banking and social media.

Piyush Singh, managing director of Accenture’s financial services operating group in India commented:

“The customer experience determines the success of all financial institutions,” he said. “By envisioning a more effective customer-led — rather than product led — channel strategy, UBI shows strong foresight. It is one of the few public sector banks in India to seek to transform itself in this way, and we are proud to collaborate with the bank in its journey.”

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