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Bearing Point Launches Innovative Media Management Solution

"BearingPoint recently announced the availability of a centralized content and rights management solution for the entertainment and media industry. The BearingPoint solution incorporates its Digital Rights Management and Media Asset Management offerings into a pioneering, centralized solution in order to help compensation issues and validate copyright associated to media content. 

This solution, which is built upon data asset management architecture, is build up by OpenText s Artesia Media Group and Sun Microsystems, as well as DRM software. This new solution, incorporated by BearingPoint, widens delivery options and content acquisitions so that providers can make content available in a large variety of high- and low-resolution formats to reach a larger potential client-base worldwide.

Gregory Boyer, a Managing Director in BearingPoint s media and communication practice said, ""Content and rights management is a challenge for every media and entertainment provider."" He further said that BearingPoint can offer a plug-and-play option in order to meet the growing need of the market with a proven, flexible and scalable Media Asset Management solution planned specifically for the media and communication industries.

The scalable solution developed by BearingPoint is designed to eradicate unneeded processes and improve operational efficiency. According to Boyer, at present, various entertainment providers and global media make use of different solutions and multiple formats.

Once set up, the solution helps in the distribution of innovative product offerings and media assets, including Pay TV, television broadcasting, wireless content, Internet, and interactive services, to broadcast, cable, satellite, telecommunications, Internet and wireless customers.

Thomas McKelvey, the Executive Vice President of BearingPoint s communication, technology and media practice said, ""This solution marks BearingPoint s strategic focus going forward on the global media market.""

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One Response to Bearing Point Launches Innovative Media Management Solution

  1. Martin says:

    Whilst KPMG did pick up one or two decent ouotnurcisg advisory staff when the acquired Equaterra, with its Morgan Chambers heritage, they and the others mentioned are not that good at resolving conflicts of interest.I have yet to find an auditor/ consultancy / deliverer of sourced services that can demonstrate solid walls between the different practices.Yes they can demonstrate the different hierarchies but not their actual practice.What led me to leave a leading management consultancy where I headed up the ouotnurcisg consultancy practice was their entry into the provision of outsourced IT services – they perceived no clash of interests!!!Still, outside the public sector, there are not too many sourcing advisory or delivery contracts that will last the 43 years average for auditing.Auditing has “to hear” or to listen in its Latin roots.Perhaps if Burnt Oak and the government (via its probing of auditing practices long term relationships with their clients) and the EU keep up the pressure, the voices may not be in vain and structurally separate practices will emerge.Or even, perish the thought, that the internal relationships in such organisations are subjected to scrutiny by an external audit firm!!!!