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CapGemini Enters Alliance With Surgient, Market Leader Lab Management Software

Erica deVry, Staff Reporter


CapGemini, a leading provider of technology and outsourcing services in the world, declared that CapGemini Financial Services USA Inc. has entered into an alliance contract with Surgient, a market leader of lab management software. The contract will allow CapGemini to present greater amount to financial services companies through the utilization of scalable virtualization. Surgient is a powerful and mature solution which allows Enterprise Information Management firms to manage different virtual resources effectively.


Charlie Li, vice president of Quality Management and Testing Practice at the Financial Services Strategic Business Unit of CapGemini said that by entering into an agreement with Surgient, they can now provide greater client access to environment configurations and deliver higher utilization of pre-production infrastructure. Expected results are: enhanced business support, cheap costs and shorter response times. He further said that with this new virtualization solution, they can assist global companies to become agile on their application strategy to meet the needs of their growing business.
According to a recent study “Virtual Lab Automation”, by vokeStream, leading companies are adopting the virtualization software across application lifecycles. Virtual Lab Automation further helps to predict behavior of software being developed, increase relationship and communication, break down silos and enhance automation effectiveness.
Sameer Jagtap, vice president, Business Development and Strategic Alliances at Surgient said, “The Surgient platform provides organizations insight into enterprise-wide inefficiencies, granting their IT departments extra time to uncover defects and improve software quality prior to going live.” He further said that the addition of lab management software would be of great value to worldwide financial services customers since it allows CapGemini to offer quality software development and training support.
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