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CapGemini Sd&M Is The New Brand Of CapGemini In Germany And Switzerland

Erica deVry, Staff Reporter

In October 2008, the SAP Business Solutions unit of Capgemini in Germany and Switzerland along with sd&m software design & management AG (sd&m AG) will merge to form Capgemini sd&m. This new offshoot brand of Capgemini will be responsible to cover the technology services business of CapGemini in Germany and Switzerland. 

CapGemini sd&m will focus on process IT consulting to IT architecture and their implementation and will be related to standard applications such as SAP and custom software. CapGemini sd&m would concentrate to further develop software engineering. Software integration and IT consulting are some other application solutions will be another major interest area for CapGemini sd&m.

Since 2001 sd&m AG has been a subsidiary owner of the CapGemini Group. However it had been working independently in the German and Swiss markets. sd&m helps clients in implementing custom software solutions. After the formation of CapGemini sd&m AG, the company will be its own legal body. The new company will have about 2,000 employees at ten different locations of Germany and Switzerland.

The senior management of the company will comprise of sd&m AG’s Edmund Küpper as CEO, Burkhard Kehrbusch as deputy CEO, Dr. Uwe Dumslaff, Rüdiger Azone, Dr. Michael Rading Kai Grambow as well as two managing directors of CapGemini, Deutschland GmbH in charge of SAP Business Solutions: Dr. Peter Lempp and Dr. Olaf-Rüdiger Hasse.

CapGemini is a major consulting service and outsourcing service provider in Switzerland, Germany as well as the world at large. According to As Edmund Küpper “Combining these companies will create further growth potential for CapGemini sd&m, which the two units would not have been able to fully tap into independently. Especially against the background of the increasing internationalization of clients and service provision in the IT service industry, we will leverage the strengths of the CapGemini Group together and demonstrate this by our new name.

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