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Environmental Risk Magazine Grades Deloitte As Best Renewable Energy Advisory Firm

Ethan Strassfield, Staff Reporter

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu has been graded as the best renewable energy advisory firm by Environmental Risk magazine. Environmental Risk magazine is a newly launched quarterly publication that stresses green markets by assessing the trade and investment opportunities related to biofuels, renewables, cleantech sectors and project finance, investor products and M&A activity. This magazine is a publication from Energy Risk.

This is possibly the first time that the environmental markets were surveyed. The survey results were announced in the August edition of Environmental Risk magazine. Before casting a vote for their preferred companies in a variety of categories, the respondents were asked for their opinions on the relevant market issues.

According to Pat Concessi, DTT Climate Change and Sustainable Resources Leader, “We are honored to receive this accolade which recognizes the many professionals of Deloitte firms offering a broad range of solutions to the business and sustainability challenges posed by climate change.”

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu is basically a Swiss Verein. It has a network of other member firms. All the member firms of Deloitte have an independent entity. All of them are legally separate.

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One Response to Environmental Risk Magazine Grades Deloitte As Best Renewable Energy Advisory Firm

  1. Dan says:

    Of course, this isn’t makert research, it’s PR masquerading as a survey. It’s precisely what gives makert research a bad name. Since the topic is about practices in makerting measurement, you’d hope that Deloittee and CIM would have the good sense to use proper research methods. It’s shameful that they are more interested in publicity than truth or facts.Robert ShawProfessor of Marketing Metrics, Cass Business School.