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Ernst & Young: Evolving Technology Challenging Organizations’ Privacy Protection

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

As the privacy landscape continues to evolve and mature, certain governance, technology, and regulatory trends are forming around how market conditions are impacting organizations’ privacy decisions. Globally, regulators are trying to keep pace with these changes to ensure greater privacy protection, while organizations struggle to understand and establish boundaries that properly address carried expectations for privacy by their different stakeholders.

The new Privacy trends 2013: The uphill climb continues report outlines the key issues facing regulators and companies alike and features additional observations from leading privacy experts.

“We are now entering a new era, where governance and accountability play a central role in effective privacy management,” said Dr. Sagi Leizerov, Leader of Privacy Advisory and Assurance Services, Ernst & Young LLP. He added that as the digital landscape evolves, regulators and organizations need to open the lines of communication and serve as the stewards of privacy protection.

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