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Ernst & Young: Government’s Cyber Security Strategy Update Comments

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

“We welcome the Government’s announcements on the use of private sector capability to help the public sector tackle cyber security risks. Closer collaboration between the two sectors is key to protecting the UK against increasing cyber criminal threats in the future,” said Mark Brown, Director of Information Security at Ernst & Young.

Young also noted the creation of a cyber reserve and a UK Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) does not go far enough. The level of threat continues to grow at a pace that cannot be met through part time action.

“Cyber criminals are redefining the term organised crime and in many respects are more organised than the community seeking to protect businesses from cyber crime and information security,” he said adding a reserve force, made up of retired information security professionals, runs the risk of being unable to keep pace with the changing technologies and risk mitigation practices necessary to maintain a strong defence. At the same time information security professionals employed in business are unlikely to be able to dedicate the time to provide the necessary support.

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