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Ernst & Young: Property-Casualty Insurers Continue their Quest

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

In spite of the uncertain economic environment and limited investment income opportunities, property-casualty insurers will be able to pursue growth opportunities in 2013 through acquisitions, international global expansion and product solutions that target new insurable risks and coverage, predicts Ernst & Young in its Global Insurance Center U.S. Property-Casualty Outlook. 

Ernst & Young believes several market forces will drive U.S. property-casualty insurance companies’ priorities over the coming months like investing in the business for the long term, as a response to the difficult investment environmentConsumers increasingly look to technology-enabled transformation to improve the insurance service experience. They want real-time solutions that can be delivered through mobile communication and other channels. Such expectations are difficult to achieve without substantial insurance technology upgrades that provide real-time insurance interaction with consumers. Technology can also enhance operational efficiencies, increase underwriting productivity and contribute to better oversight of the claims process. Early detection of potential adverse claims through analytical capabilities can sharpen an insurer’s competitive edge, while yielding cost savings in times of economic volatility.

The complete Property-Casualty Insurance Industry 2013 Outlook report can be found at


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