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IT Failures Seem To Be Everywhere: Is This Part of The New Normal?

When Kathleen Sebelius recently fell on the sword for the miserable rollout of the Affordable Healthcare Act’s website, the event sparked some other serious considerations about the way IT in general and software specifically has woven itself into the lives of the average American generally and business specifically.

Granted,  there are glitches to be expected as technology evolves (and technology that involves cyberspace is always moving faster than the proverbial speeding bullet hallthat perpetually chased Superman) but some recent events only add to that gnawing feelingwe could be heading for some kind of cataclysmic crash that could seriously disrupt our way of doing business and just living in general. 

IT failures

Consider the fact that reports the State of Massachusetts recently held a hearing on the IT failures Deloitte has endured working with theDepartment of Unemployment Assistance and Department of Revenue there. The state cancelled the project with Deloitte earlier this year after spending $114 million and reporter Michael Krigsman points to the fact the Big4 firm apparently wasn’t transparent about the amount of customization the software would need and that was one of the reasonsthe project fell flat.  

There’s more.

The BBC reported in the summer that RBS had experiencedbroken software issues that left 21,000 customers experiencing technical difficulties. Closer to home, Rogers, the wireless giant in Canada, has blamed a recent outage that affected clients from one coast to the other on software glitches. 

One does have to admit there’s at least food for thought here. Especially for those of us who remember Hal from 2001 or other sleep-with one-eye-open-in-the-1970s- dystopian films like Colossus.Does the New Normal include the whole world economy dangling by a thread from the Cloud or at the mercy of that fickle beast called Big Data Analytics, all while clinging to the new business lifeblood called software like a drowning man grabs at an oxygen mask? 

The really interesting thing here is there’s no turning back. The investments by all the Big Four in IT, the Cloud and Big Data, tell us without a doubt we’re charging headfirst into a Brave New World. Let’s hope we’re ready for what it has in store for us.

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