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Jonathan Kletzel Named PwC Leader in Transportation and Logistics Practice

By Michael Foster, Blogger

PwC has named Jonathan Kletzel to be its new Transportation and Logistics leader in the company’s U.S. Industrial Products practice. Kletzel has worked in the travel and transportation industries for over a decade, with a focus on improving customer channels and operations optimization. He has helped firms go through the merger and acquisition process in the transport and logistics sector, and has played a key role creating and designing organizational models that improve efficiencies.

Kletzel was U.S. Advisory Transportation and Logistics leader for PwC for two years after working as a partner at DIamond Management and Technology Consultants, a consultancy firm helping large companies achieve objectives through management and technological solutions. Kletzel has a Bachelor’s in Economics from Northwestern University.

As Transportation and Logistics leader, Kletzel will continue his focus on infrastructural improvements within industries, focusing on providing technological solutions to airline, railroad, trucking, and shipping industries. PwC’s Transportation and Logistics practice offers solutions to several large public and private companies in the freight, shipping, and transport sectors.

“Taking on this new leadership role is an exciting next step in my career and I look forward to continuing to serve my clients in the transportation and logistics space as well as helping to expand the already robust range of services offered by PwC,” said Kletzel of his new role.

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