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PwC: 4G mobile spectrum auction comments

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,


Simon Harris, director in PwC’s valuations team commented today on Ofcom’s final regulations and timetable for the 4G mobile spectrum auction saying the firm has set out in detail the rules and process involved in the auction. He notes that the reserve prices implemented will generate at least £1.3bn for the Exchequer from the auction, but “we expect demand for this prime real estate of the airwaves to drive prices up to £2bn – £4bn. The desire for sub 1GHz spectrum is likely to be a key driver of competitive tension.”

Brian Potterill, director in PwC’s telecoms strategy team commented as well:

“Despite the differences in opinion expressed during this debate, all parties will share some relief that this auction is now finally going to happen and we can move on to enjoying the benefits of competition in 4G services,” he said.

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