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PwC: Businesses have high confidence in their security behaviour

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

PwC India recently unveiled an assessment of the state of information security in organisations in India. The study “The State of Information Security Survey -India, 2013’’ is a shot in the arm for businesses seeking to replicate global best practices in information security in India.

The report states that while financial services companies are striving to maintain leadership in information security practices, telecom, information communications and entertainment companies are gaining ground especially leading in information security strategies for new technologies – mobile, social media, cloud computing etc. Consumer, industrial products and services too are improving their information security capabilities.

The State of Information Security Survey-India, 2013, is the fifth edition of the survey which PwC has been publishing since 1999. This survey, over the years has chronicled the changing nature of risks, created awareness and driven greater understanding of the information security landscape in India. This year’s survey provides insights and analysis on aspects like information security behaviours in organisations, security priorities, security spending, safeguards and security policies implemented by companies to secure their information assets. The report is based on an analysis of responses from 738 respondents from 17 industries across the country.


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