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PwC: Digital collaborative alliance

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,


PwC’s Digital Change team and custom software development company, ThoughtWorks Australia have joined forces in a collaborative alliance that will facilitate the delivery of agile end-to-end digital solutions.

The alliance is a natural progression for PwC’s Digital Change business which according to PwC’s National Digital Change Leader, John Riccio is constantly evolving to keep pace with the demands of the rapidly changing digital landscape.

“We are committed to expanding the depth and breadth of the services we can offer our clients in the digital space. It’s more than consulting and this alliance is just a taste of what’s to come.”

ThoughtWorks Australia’s Director of Client Relations, Keith Dodds said, “PwC’s operational strategy and financial understanding of client requirements, coupled with our unparalleled strength in software development, presents a powerful value proposition.”

“No business is an island, complete digital solutions require an ecosystem with many talents and we believe this alliance puts us in a stronger position to help our mutual clients be more innovative and competitive.”

“Both PwC and ourselves are committed to our clients’ success, continual improvement, expanding our global operations and most importantly our dedication to our people. We only hire the finest in the industry,” Mr Dodds said.


The alliance enables PwC and ThoughtWorks Australia to come together, as needed to the benefit of its clients by sharing its information and digital expertise. It reinforces both companies’ commitment to helping businesses not just evolve within the digital economy, but to successfully harness the power of technology and deal with industry disruption head on.

PwC’s Digital Change services are focused on enabling your business to create value from the digital economy. We are continually evolving our approach to meet market expectations and will assess your business to help you make sense of both the drivers of disruption, as well as the levers that can be enhanced by digital change. We have also invested in expertise and solutions to help accelerate your business’ value, by providing a pragmatic, strategic and comprehensive approach.







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