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PwC: New alliance set to help business

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

PwC’s Digital Change team and custom software development company, ThoughtWorks Australia have joined forces in a collaborative alliance that will facilitate the delivery of agile end-to-end digital solutions.

PwC’s National Digital Change Leader, John Riccio said, “The impact and disruption of digital is everywhere we look. It’s unsustainable for individual businesses to do everything themselves to keep pace.”

“This alliance means that we can come together on opportunities where it will be valuable to our clients and with the intention of providing a fast, integrated service. Starting with a design phase based on contextual market, industry and economic knowledge and ending with agile delivery, continuous development and implementation – we are working towards making digital change stick. ThoughtWorks is a likeminded business we’ve worked with on a number of projects including our recently launched interactive web platform, PwC Online.”

ThoughtWorks Australia’s Director of Client Relations, Keith Dodds said, “PwC’s operational strategy and financial understanding of client requirements, coupled with our unparalleled strength in software development, presents a powerful value proposition.”

“No business is an island, complete digital solutions require an ecosystem with many talents and we believe this alliance puts us in a stronger position to help our mutual clients be more innovative and competitive.”





















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