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PwC Ranked Most Prestigious Accounting Firm

By Michael Foster, Blogger

PwC was ranked the most prestigious accounting firm in’s Top 50 rankings of accounting firms for 2013.

The Big4 firm also received the accolade in 2011 and 2012, as respondents of the Vault survey continued to cite the firm’s employees’ credentials, training, and experience as reasons for the firm’s strong reputation. Likewise, the firm’s clients were called “major players”by survey respondents.

Employees at PwC agreed that the firm’s prestige helps offset the “sheer amount of hours worked and associated stress”of the job, as they were cited as saying by Despite the difficulty of the work, employees at the Big4 firm said that the “networking opportunities you get at many large, reputable companies”helped offset the more stressful sides of working at the most prestigious accounting firm.

Employees also noted that PwC was a good stepping stone for a longer career in accounting. “At PwC you’ll receive the best entry-level education to accounting and finance, and you’ll be a head and shoulders above your peers in professional development just a couple years down the road.”

Employees also recognized that the “brand-name recognition”of working at PwC didn’t hurt their future employment prospects, either.

Ernst & Young received second place in the survey, which is available at Vault’s website.

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